Zoom Video Meeting Details

Zoom video meeting details

In order to familiarise ourselves with a Zoom meeting, I plan to hold a casual meeting on Sunday 13th September at 2 pm. In this way, we can sort out any problems we might have with the technology. The meeting will be for 40 minutes, as any longer will involve taking out a monthly subscription.

First, you must download the Zoom programme to your computer or to you mobile phone (download this anytime). Once the programme is active, (Just before the scheduled time), go to the Zoom home page and click on the Blue ‘Join’ button and fill in the Meeting ID and Passcode (capital letters) shown below. (make sure your computer video and sound options are set to ‘ON’).

Alternatively, after opening the Zoom home page just click on the ‘Join Zoom Meeting’ link below.

David deLapp is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 620 765 6677
Passcode: AJSMOC