COVID19 safety procedures

This COVID-19 plan is applicable to all AJSMOC members, who are requested to follow this advice when participating in all club activities, including club rides, meetings and other events. It also applies to members of affiliated clubs attending AJSMOC events. All members should be strongly encouraged to download the Government’s COVID-19 Safe app.


Well-being of Club members and visitors:

Members and visitors will be updated regularly on changes to Government legislation and restrictions as these are declared, through the Club website and emails to committee members.

It is the responsibility of individual members to decide on the basis of their own risk factors, including age and health, as to whether they participate in Club events. The Club does not accept responsibility for individual decisions or situations where a member may have contracted COVID-19 at a Club event. Government health advice is as follows: “People who are at higher risk of COVID-19 infection include: People aged 70 years and over and people aged 65 years and over with chronic medical conditions”.

  • All communications will clearly advise that if members are unwell or showing cold/flu like symptoms they should stay at home and self-isolate until symptoms have abated or the member has had a COVID-19 test and has been declared not infectious.
  • All rides will start and finish in appropriate locations (or multiple locations) to allow for adequate social distancing.
  • All rides will have allocated ‘marshals’ who will encourage participants to maintain social distancing of 1.5-2 metres (approximately a bikes length) and keep to groups of no more than 20 at any one point.
  • For consistency, every ride will have one leader who will brief all participants prior to departure.

Physical Distancing

Club members are to follow social distancing requirements of 1.5 metres separation wherever possible at all events.

Club members are to respect the regulations applicable to cafes and other businesses, which have restrictions on numbers based on 4 square metres of floor space per customer.  This also applies to the use of meeting rooms. In the case of rides, the group may separate into several groups to attend cafes in order to maintain the customer number requirements of the business regulations.

Hygiene and Cleaning:

Members are to adopt good hand hygiene practices in order to protect themselves and others.

Individual members may choose to wear an appropriate mask is they feel this is necessary.

Members are recommended to avoid self-serve and buffet style meals.

Record Keeping:

Each Branch shall keep a record of members attending Club rides, with contact details for each member and details of the date and location of the ride.  This is for the purpose of social tracking should a member subsequently become infected.

Should a member become infected, he/she should report this immediately to the club President who is to contact all riders involved in the event so that they can seek testing and medical advice.

Members should cooperate with NSW Health should they be identified as having COVID-19 as a result of participating in Club events.

Oberon Rally Report by Jason Maloney

OBERON Rally Report


This years AJS and Matchless Owners Club of Australia inc. held their annual Down Under Jampot Rally in a small town in NSW called Oberon. This year the rally also included the Classic and Enthusiasts Motor Cycle Club of NSW inc. In attendance to our rally was around 70 riders plus partners and family with the rally hub and accommodation being in the heart of Oberon, the Jenolan Caravan Park.

Friday 1st November 2019 – By lunchtime most of the entrants and their families were well settled in and preparing for a short 6 km ride to Oberon Dam just to get some blood circulation because of course no maintenance or machine checks are required on our AJS or Matchless. Riders were then back at the caravan park awaiting the 6.00 pm opening BBQ sausage sizzle and welcoming get together.

Saturday 2nd November 2019 – 8.00 am riders gathered at the hub prepared for a beautiful scenic 150 km ride. David deLapp gave a short rider briefing and away we all went. By 9.30 am we arrived at O’Connell where we had morning tea provided and catered by the O’Connell School P&C. At this point there were some minor bike issues, one being a father and son riding team. By my observation poor bike maintenance by the father Gary Bastian, a blown head gasket, could happen to anyone. After loading ourselves up with food and coffee we then proceeded through a small town called Rockley. By now 3 coffees and heaps of cakes were catching up with me, breaking into a cold sweat I was begging for our next stop, a town called Burraga where of course we stopped to eat again. Lunch was beautiful, held in the Sports and Recreation Club was also catered.

Bikes were lined up in the car park with judging forms issued to all entrants. When all was done and dusted we then proceeded with our ride through Black Springs and onto Oberon.

At 6.30 pm a dinner and presentation was catered for at the Oberon RSL with a courtesy bus if required. A beautiful 3 course meal with some members by now looking a little like Harley heffers.

The awards for the rally were called out by David deLapp and David Baker. The 1920’s category and AJ Stevens trophy not included due to no bikes being eligible.

The award winners were as follows:

1940 AMC – GARY BASTIAN. 1948 AJS. 16

An amazing effort by DOM O’BRIEN for the longest distance travelled from Tasmania on a 1951 Matchless G80S, 1106 km. Wow, your bum must be sore. I gather you’re Irish judging by your last name, we are a superior race, no doubt.

Occasionally a very prestigious award goes out to a member, something like the Victoria Cross, this award is for outstanding efforts, bravery and putting up with committee obligations, backfiring AJS’ and Year’s of participation and patience. Outstanding service to the club – BRIAN “NIPPER” KUERSCHNER.

After the presentation the raffle lottery was called, some winners came away very pleased.

All trophies awarded during the evening were handmade by the Grenfell Men’s Shed, which makes them so much more meaningful to our Jampot Rally with a Jampot shocker being the focus and centre piece of the trophies. THANK YOU

Also, a special thanks to the Mayor of Oberon, Kathy Sajowitz, who joined us for the presentation, giving us a short speech in regards to Oberon township. I would personally like to thank her for keeping the local law enforcement at bay during our stay.

Sunday 3rd November 2019 – Sunday morning started with an 8.00 am AGM for those who wanted to attend. 16 members showed with a few slight changes to the committee. Discussions were made in regards to upcoming events. Next year, 2020, our 40th anniversary, Goulburn NSW, 2021, that little island at the bottom of Australia, Tasmania, 2022, South Australia possibly Victor Harbour, all very promising at this point. All committee members agreed with a current membership of approximately 170 members we are very comfortable and don’t require anymore. Joking, all are welcome and families are encouraged to join in the fun, it’s not all about the bikes.

This mornings ride, 82 km of beautiful countryside, at late start at 10.30 am, time for a sleep in for some. For those who preferred to extend their ride an additional 40/50 km was offered, I am really sorry I didn’t see the marshall and you didn’t all have to follow me.

12.30 pm a BBQ lunch was provided at the Oberon Railway Museum as well as a presentation for the largest pine cone. A $50.00 Bunnings voucher prize to the winner, the Tassie boys collected this and I have never seen a more dilapidated pine, must have been run over or genetically enhanced, 15 minutes in the microwave still didn’t have me a winner, it was huge. For those that chose to a visit to the Tractor Orphanage was also available.

This concluded our 2019 DOWNUNDER JAMPOT RALLY, in summary a wonderful event, magic people from all over our beautiful country. Many thanks to our many sponsors, caterers, collectors, committee members, the list goes on. Most of all thank you to our members, stay safe and well and we will be seeing you for our 40th ANNIVERSARY, GOULBURN NSW, DOWNUNDER JAMPOT RALLY 2020.

Take care, Regards ‘J’ JASON MALONEY – but most of all ‘REMAIN CALM’

Brian Kuerschner’s Rally review

Our account of the AJS and Matchless Owners Club Down Under Jampot Rally in Tasmania for 2016

Our 13 day extended tour of the Apple Isle.


I’m guessing others that attended the event might have their own stories to tell. This however is ours.

Brian and Maureen Kuerschner and our most friendly and jovial travelling companions Brian and Chris Gray.


Our trip began several months in advance arranging sea passage, accommodation and various other essential necessary arrangements. Having loaded the bikes and gear into the trailer and car we set off at 10.30 on the Monday morning 7th November for our first overnight stop off at Horsham arranged by Brian Gray some months in advance.

Over our evening meal I came to the sudden conclusion I’d left home without my essential logbook. Time against us I wasn’t about to drive back to Adelaide to collect it.

Tuesday morning we set off for Station Pier Melbourne Docks to board the Spirit of Tasmania heading the line-up of vehicles to be first to drive on at 4.30pm.

Arriving at Devonport Wednesday morning early we located our Sunrise Motel but were unable to check in until after 2.00pm. Had an early morning snack in their little dining room with a light breakfast provided by Chef Anthony John Sherriff, yes AJS if you please, then set off killing more time on a site seeing tour of the surrounding areas.

Remained in Devonport a couple of days then went on to Hadspen caravan park headquarters for the AJS and Matchless Owners Club Down Under Jampot Rally for 2016. Midway through to Hadspen at Railton on the Sheffield Road we paused a few moments on the roadside at 11.00am to observe our 2 minutes silence for our fallen boys.

The welcoming Friday twilight social meet and greet get together had most entrants and partners attending. Rather than the usual sausage sizzle with fresh garden green salads the organizers had arranged a scrumptious Barbequed fresh Tasmanian Pink Salmon meal. Was simply awesome.

Adelaide’s own Lady Ma Donna was appointed and took total control of the sale of Official Rally Tee Shirts, Club Regalia and raffle ticket sales girl along with any impromptu announcements to be provided to the masses. Is there nothing this girl is not capable of?

Our accommodation was some 18km and 25 minutes away at Grindelwald so we didn’t hang around all that long.

Having left the trailer and bikes in the care of Jason and Donna at the caravan park we arrived back at the park next morning in plenty of time to tog up before the off after direction instructions were given by the Group Commander at 10.30.

Unloading the bikes it was discovered that the handle bars on Brian’s bike (1956 AJS Model 18S) had twisted forward sufficiently requiring certain attention due to the tie downs being tensioned fairly firmly. Rectified we were on our way and on time in chase of our leading Corner Marshalls.

Of the entrants we welcomed once again traveling from Gatton, Queensland now 86 year old Keith Holley on his ever faithful and dependable 1951 500cc Model 18S AJS referred to as ‘The Roving Kind’. Due to a sudden front tyre deflation on the way down Keith lost control of his machine suggesting bouncing wasn’t so easy these days. This year however Keith was not alone with Bob Willis on his 1948 Rigid 500cc AJS Model 18 and Tony Keenan on 1998 GTR1000 Kawasaki joining him as riding companions. Of no mean feat this was also Keith’s tenth consecutive venture ridden to the Jampot Rally.

Morning tea smoko stop at Meander on the Saturday ride we enjoyed lovely fresh made sandwiches and cakes provided by the local ladies auxiliary went down just fine with tea, coffee, fruit juice or plain water.

At times my bike can be a pain to kick start, and this was one of those occasions. With the help of an interested bystander I was able to push start about 5 minutes after all others had left the area.

Approaching the next few corners in a strange area with not a Marshall in site I was none too happy. However pressing on I arrived at Deloraine in search of Mole Creek some 23km further on where our lunch stop gathered. Total distance covered on our return to headquarters was in the region of 180km.

Riding on my lonesome I met a police patrol car heading in the opposite direction. Keeping a watchful eye in my rear view mirror in case he about turned my attention was focused squarely on what I might say if I’d been pulled over. Gathering my awareness I thought if I should thank him for offering to escort me into Mole Creek I’d be most grateful. Nerves however were settled when I lost vision of him disappearing in the distance.

The Presentation Dinner evening was held at the Tailrace Centre in Riverside. Amongst the attractive awards presented our own Jason Maloney and Rob Smyth once again came home with an award each.

The Annual General Meeting took place at the Caravan Park amenities room commencing at 8.00am which I unfortunately missed out on. However a group attendees gathered talking about having not appointed a Vice President I was asked if I’d mind filling the vacancy. Without hesitation I accepted the position for the next twelve months.

Discussion on the existing inclement weather conditions resulted at 10 o’clock in our Sunday ride being called off.

The trailer coupled up we headed back to our accommodation at Grindelwald where it remained for the next few days taking in day trips to various places around the nearer areas including one night lodging spent in Hobart seeking a scrupulous fish meal at Doyle’s famous Fish Restaurant which was once situated on Constitution Dock.  Alas no more. Took an interesting Harbour cruise in Launceston where I befriended a chap owner of a couple of early Indians.

To meet up with other Rallyists at Beaconsfield later on Sunday arvo we spotted on our way a little coffee shop just out of Exeter named Burt Munro Motorcycle Café. Of most interest was the tour by owner Tibor of his outback ‘Mans Cave’ loaded with allsorts very much like Hughie Dunlop’s dingy old motorcycle parts shop in Flinders Street. Machines on display inside the cafe were none the less more appealing.

Nearing the end of our few days holiday in Tassie we were travelling back to Devonport with trailer on tow four of us making friendly conversation when from nowhere a crazy couple of guys presumably racing each other met us on an uphill slight bend to our right. It was all over in two seconds when this clown crossed his double line careering up a 45⁰ bank to my left showering us with sticks, stones and grass disappearing out of sight as quickly as he appeared. To suggest we are all very lucky to be here today is somewhat of a miracle.


Further to this while waiting for time to pass before loading on the boat we were sat in a parking lot listening to the car radio for some time. Now ready to make a move when the ignition key was turned nothing but ‘click, click, click. Yes, a flat battery. Not wanting to be a pain when asked to move off the ship in the morning my thoughts turned to how on earth we were going to get over this predicament. With the car bonnet up investigating our problem, would you believe a tradies van just then drove past slowly advertising ‘Battery Checker’. Waiving our arms about frantically the chap turned round up the street a bit, came back gave us a jump start and went on his way, no charge once again saving our day. Rob Smyth with others stayed on for the short Monday ride with those that were able to remained.

In closing off Martin Heatley and his crew of willing helpers can be justly proud of their effort putting together this 2016 Down Under Jampot Rally for the benefit of all those AJS and Matchless owners and enthusiasts. We all look forward to next year where once more our Rally will be staged in the wonderful region of the Hume Dam and surrounding local areas.

Jason and Donna Maloney’s 1950 G80 Matchless. Yet another award winner

Rob Smyth’s winning 1929 AJS M10SR

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2016 Rally review

JAMPOT RALLY 2016, Hadspen, Tasmania.

When did the Rally start ?

For some, the rally started a week before the event. The excitement of preparing for the rally, making sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Planning your route for before and after the rally. One pair rode all the way from Qld on two post war models. Others flew in from NZ and from the UK, on the promise of a loan bike, while others just flew in to be with the rally and take a long deserved break.

Entrants prepared their bikes and sailed across on the all night ferry. They started their journey, one , two and three days before the rally. Stopping on the way to meet up with friends or to visit bike emporiums to see what bargains may be available.

Most times, the pre-rally and post rally planning is just as involved as the actual rally planning. What to bring, what not to bring, who to see/ not to see, where to stay or not to stay. Then there is all the planning for the return journey and the opportunity to embark on an holiday or an adventure, by taking the long way home.

Isn’t it amazing how, no matter how much you plan, something always goes wrong. Keith’s ride down from Qld resulted in him falling off and cutting his knee, due to a front inner tube failure. Keith is a very lucky octogenarian and a very good rider. Laurie lost the oil filler cap from his CP gearbox and was caught eyeing up some of the other entrants machines to see if they would notice if he pinched theirs (Ha Ha). John lost an inspection plug from the side of his R10 over head cam box. No matter how much you try to waterproof your bike, at the first sign of rain, it is amazing how it gets inside your (so called) sealed instruments / weatherproofed electrics / carbys with filters and recently oiled cables ?

Now!How about the rally. After you survive the rigours of getting to the designated rally site, all your excitement and planning is psychologically transferred to the rally organisers. For the next four days you hand over your lives to them. They become your responsible person, it’s like you become the child and they are the parent. You go from being a master pre rally planner to someone who knows nothing about where you are going or what you are doing, because you don’t have to. All your trust and faith is put into the organisers. You surrender to them. They now have complete control of where you are going, when and where you are eating and sleeping.

By the end of the Rally, a good organiser will have you stuffed with so much local food and produce that you will need to go on a diet when you get home. You will have ridden your bikes on challenging twisty country roads, so much so that you had to stop and refuel in order to continue. You will have been given directions at the commencement of each run and backed up with corner marshalls so you didn’t get lost. You will have been given a rally bag with local information, maps, pens, pads, voting forms, MC place cards and a unique commemorative rally badge. You will have been taken by coach (booze bus), to the presentation dinner and given a chance to win a host of raffle prizes. You will have talked your head off about the virtues of your bike Vs the other guys bike (The supremacy between, single Vs twin and AJS Vs Matchless Vs Norton Vs every other bike). You will have been introduced to the local’s Boags beer and Mercury cider. You will have been warmly welcomed on your bikes wherever you went.

Tasmania is a motorcyclist’s heaven. We rode around the northern part of the Holiday isle for  4 days, with only one day of rain (Good for Tassie). One day we rode up and around the ‘Western Tiers’ The country roads were well sealed, sometimes challenging, twisty and undulating, but boy, what a view from the top. Previously we rode through areas with very English and Irish names like ‘Liffey river’ and ‘Exeter’, these Anglo names indicating the type of early settlers that made this area their home. When you leave a rally with that warm relaxed feeling along with having made new friends, the fond memories will last for a long time to come.

Well……..The downunder Jampot rally in Hadspen Tasmania had all of this and more. We had good organisers that took control of our daily needs, whether we had sunshine or rain, we had great rides and feasted of fresh Huon Salmon at the Friday and Saturday BBQ’s. We had meaningful debates about the best AMC twin, around a smokey fire pit. We were kept entertained with a Presentation dinner and treated to a private showing at the Launceston motor museum. What else could you ask for ?

For further information with lots of photos, visit


David deLapprally-badge