AGM Minutes for 2017

AJS & Matchless Owners Club Australia Inc.

2017  Annual General Meeting Minutes

Date:  November 12th 2017

Venue: Lake Hume Resort, Albury, NSW.   1of 2 pages

Meeting Commenced: 7:45 am

 Chair: David de Lapp.

President Wayne Renz opened the meeting and thanked members for their attendance.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: The minutes of the 2016 AGM were accepted as presented at the meeting. Proposed by C. Renz; 2nd by K. Holley

Matters Arising: D. Baker proposed the Rally Guidelines and Corner marshall guidelines be adopted as AJSMOC operating procedures. Agreed unanimously.

Presidents Report:  See attached report.

Vice President’s report:  See attached report.

Treasurers Report:  See attached report.

Copies of the balance sheets were made available at the meeting. The treasurer’s report was accepted by the meeting.

 Secretary’s Report: David de Lapp thanked the committee for their support throughout the year. The new web site is working well, two garage lots of parts have been sold and there are several bikes advertised for sale. Facebook is very popular as we are receiving 50-100 hits per week Current membership is down from 179 to 163 members as of October 2017.

The secretary’s report was accepted by the meeting.

Information Officer’s report: David Baker reported receiving increasing numbers of enquiries /week and regularly circulates 400 e-news letters to members and enthusiasts.

Downunder Jampot 2017:  George Clarke thanked all for attending the rally and with a smile on his face, declared the rally a great success. He requested we send him a photo of the winner of the Togher award. (DDL to follow up). Brian Kuerschner asked if we could have individual name badges (Agreed). Keith Holley asked if we could start the runs earlier (before 9am).Discussion unresolved.

Downunder jampot 2018: Cindy and Wayne Renz gave a rundown on next year’s rally to be held at the Outlook centre, Boonah, Qld. With the assistance of Keith Holley, they will arrange all of the accommodation bookings. Note that the Laidley swap is on the weekend before the rally. Rally updates will appear on the club’s website.

 Downunder Jampot 2019: .David deLapp proposed a rally at Heathcote NSW, using the local scout camp with bunk house accommodation for 150 people. Membership asked for details on nearby motels to be included. (Agreed)

NZ Jampot 2020: Brian Kuerschner gave a rundown on the arrangements to date. Hopefully more bikes to fill a 40 ft container would help reduce the overheads. Details were supplied in the rally bags and updates will appear on the club’s web site.

 Meeting closed: There being no further business the Secretary declared the meeting closed and all committee positions declared vacant.

Election of Office Bearers for 2018

 Laurie Radley assumed the chair for the elections.


President:  Wayne Renz– Nominated by D.deLapp, Seconded by Jason Maloney

Elected: Wayne Renz

Vice President; Brian Kuerschner Nominated by C Renz, Seconded by D. Baker

Elected: Brian Kuerschner

Treasurer: Jacqueline Cindy Renz – Nominated by Chris Dodd, seconded by, D.deLapp.

Elected: Jacqueline Cindy Renz

Secretary: Dave Delapp – Nominated C.Renz, seconded by B. Kuerschner

Elected: David deLapp

Information Officer:  David Baker was re-endorsed in this non–executive role

Rally Co-ordinators 2018:  Wayne and Jacqueline Cindy Renz – Nominated by D.deLapp, Seconded by David Baker

Elected: Wayne and Jacqueline Cindy Renz

Committee Member:  Keith Holley – Nominated by D. deLapp, seconded by D.Baker.

Elected: Keith Holley

Committee Member:  Donna maloney – Nominated by C. Renz, seconded by D.delapp.

Elected: Donna Maloney

Election closed 8:45am

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