AGM Minutes for 2016

AJS & Matchless Owners Club Australia Inc.

2016  Annual General Meeting Minutes        Date:  November 13th 20

Venue: Hadspen Discovery park  Tasmania 7290                    1of 2 pages

Meeting Commenced: 8:10 am

 Chair: David de Lapp.

David de Lapp opened the meeting and thanked members for their attendance.

Apologies: received from Colin Stevens, Chris Dodds, George Clarke

Minutes of Previous Meeting: The minutes of the 2015 AGM were accepted as presented at the meeting. Proposed by D. Baker;  2nd by  C. Renz

Matters Arising: Treasurer noted that regular statements will be available on line, once we register at Beaudesert branch. Will register for card access in 2017.

Presidents Report:  Chris Dodd’s letter was read out by the secretary. Chris apologised for not attending and said he was very pleased to have held the office for 2015. He wished us all well and indicated he would stand again if no one else was nominated.

Vice President’s report:  Wayne Renz welcomed everyone to the meeting with a special mention to all who travelled far and wide and from overseas, he mentioned the two quiet achievers who rode from Qld and especially Bob, who rode a rigid bike. Wayne also thanked Martin Heatley and family for organising a great rally Thanks to Donna Maloney who never stopped selling raffle tickets and regalia, making the organisation run smoothly. Thanks also to the secretary for setting up the new club website and to Dave Baker for the regular e-news letters. Thanks were given to all the committee members and their helpers for all their support throughout the year Last but not least thanks to the Treasurer, Cindy, for maintaining the club’s finances.

Not having a bike at this year’s rally,Wayne said he was looking forward to the next  rally when he will be able to ride a bike again.

Treasurers Report: Cindy Renz presented a statement showing a closing balance from 2/07/2016 of $9,024.58. The total income for the year being $9,889.17 with expenses totalling $864.59. Leaving a balance of $9,024.58.

A current account from 2/10/2016 was shown as $11,947.77

Copies of the balance sheets were made available at the meeting. The treasurer’s report was accepted by the meeting. Proposed by D Baker; 2nd L Radley

Secretary’s Report: David deLapp thanked the committee for their support throughout the year. The new web site and facebook accounts are working well and it was agreed to let the old web site lapse as access for updates is not available.

Current membership is down to 179 members as of July 2016.

The secretary’s report was accepted by the meeting. Proposed by L. Radley and 2nd By C. Renz

Information Officer’s report: David Baker reported receiving aprox 4 enquiries /week and regularly circulates 400 e-news letters to members and enthusiasts. David asked for a review of the model rules as proposed several meetings ago and will follow up with details. David will also review the rally guidelines.

Alpine tourist ride 2016: Receipts from Debbie Green were presented to Cindy. All accounts have been finalised and a profit of a few hundred dollars was mentioned.

Downunder Jampot 2016: In Martin Heatley’s absence we agreed the rally was an overwhelming success and would like to see it repeated in Tasmania.It was agreed to send a letter of thanks to Martin and Ruth as well as to Donna Maloney for all their support.

 Downunder Jampot 2017: George Clarke has agreed to run the Jampot at Lake Hume. The resort is booked for the 10-12th Nov and a rally route plan, as propsed by George, was presented by David deLapp. There was concern that George may have difficulty hosting this rally, therefore David will follow up with George on Monday.

Downunder Jampot 2018: Wayne and Cindy Renz are still researching accommodation in the area near Boonah, Queensland and will report back with details.

Keith Holley agreed to help Wayne and Cindy with rally organisation.

General Business:  Updated Rally guidelines are to be sent to all future rally organisers. It was agreed that the rally be organised for November.

 Meeting closed: There being no further business the Secretary declared the meeting closed and all committee positions declared vacant.

Election of Office Bearers for 2016  

 Laurie Radley assumed the chair for the elections.


President: (1)Chris Dodds Nominated by D.deLapp(proxy) Seconded C.Renz

(2) Wayne Renz– Nominated by C. Renz, Seconded by D. Baker.

Elected: Wayne Renz

Vice President; Brian Kuerschner  (Elected in absentia)

Secretary: Dave Delapp – Nominated C.Renz, seconded by D.Baker. Elected unanimously

Treasurer: Jacqueline Cindy Renz – Nominated by D. deLapp, seconded by,  D.Baker. Elected unanimously

Committee Member:  Keith Holley – Nominated by C. Renz, seconded by D.Baker. Elected unanimously

Rally Co-ordinator 2017:  George Clarke

Information Officer:  David Baker was re-endorsed in this non–executive role

Election Closed:    9:02am