AGM Minutes 2018

AJS & Matchless Owners Club Australia Inc.

2018  Annual General Meeting Minutes

Date:  November 4th 2018

Venue: The Outlook, Boonah Qld .   1of 3 pages

Meeting Commenced: 7:40 am

 Chair: David de Lapp.

Apologies received from: Brian Kuerschner, Colin Stevens, David Baker, George Clarke, Norman Cranston.

 Minutes of Previous Meeting: The minutes of the 2017 AGM were accepted as presented at the meeting. Proposed by C. Renz, Seconded by J. Maloney

Matters Arising: The 2019 Rally venue has been changed from Heathcote (Sydney) to Oberon (NSW) due to traffic congestion and safety concerns.

Presidents Report:  Wayne Renz thanked all for attending and thanked all the helpers for organising such a great event. Wayne commented on the success of the Tasmanian and Lake Hume Rallies and was pleased to receive positive feedback on this Boonah rally. In particular the comfortable accommodation, fully cooked breakfasts, great weather and the fact that no AJS or Matchless Bikes broke down.

Vice President’s report:  Brian Kuerschner sent through an updated report on the plans for the International rally in NZ and asked for deposits to be made ASAP (See details below).

Treasurers Report:  (See attached report on the website).

Copies of the balance sheets were made available at the meeting. Profit from the 2017 Lake Hume rally was $2,131.33 and we remain in a good financial position to support next year’s rally.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted by the meeting.

Secretary’s Report: David de Lapp thanked the committee for their support throughout the year. The new web site is working well, there are several bikes advertised for sale. Facebook is very popular with over 1,000 followers and we are receiving 50-100 hits per week.

Current Australian membership is 179 as of October 2018.

A link to all the rally photos from John Holt, will be posted on both the club’s website and facebook sites for all to view and download. (

Information Officer: David Baker was thanked for his continued support, throughout the year, in sending out the e-news bulletins and answering members enquiries.

Downunder Jampot 2018 Report:  Wayne Renz thanked all for attending the rally and declared the rally a great success because of the helpers. In particular, the support from all the Renz family members as well as from the committee members; Keith Holley; Donna and Jason Maloney; Bruce and Wendy King and Laurie Radley.

A special mention of thanks to the Back up trailer driver, Terry the lead rider; The Christian Biker’s Corner Marshalls, The donated Ralffle prizes and the Cooks and Caterer’s from the Anglican Church. DDL agreed to send a letter of thanks.

Downunder jampot 2019: David de Lapp gave a rundown on next year’s rally to be held at Oberon NSW. With the assistance of Chris Dodd and Donna Maloney.

Depending upon suitable accommodation, the rally is tentatively planned for the first weekend in November. Garry Bastian asked if we could check if there were any wineries in the area that we could visit. Alternatively, we could visit the Jenolan Caves and/or the Mayfield Gardens. Details will be published on the website early in the New Year.

NZ International Jampot 2020: Brian Kuerschner sent through an update and has asked for the $100 deposits to be sent through to him ASAP.

“At present we have 9 expressions of interest. 2 only to date have committed to put forward the $100 deposit to secure an entry. This is to be a necessity for you to join us. Until that time you will only be considered pencilled in. To avoid disappointment please I urge you to be early with your commitment.”

Details were supplied in the rally bags and updates will appear on the club’s web site.

Contact Brian on 0418 854 565 or email :

Downunder Jampot 2020: Discussion on whether to hold a local Jampot in addition to the NZ Jampot was raised. Options were discussed and offers of interest were asked for by Martin Heatley for a possible Tasmanian event.

Without wanting to jeopardise the NZ jampot an option to hold no local jampot in 2020 was also discussed. However, If time permits, then Martin Heatley is to submit details for his plans. (Check website in the New Year for details)

The options are:

1: No Local Jampot in 2020 or

2: Jampot in Tasmania in 2020 or

3: Jampot in Tasmania in 2021

Downunder Jampot 2021 WA: Discussion on whether to hold a local Jampot in Western Australia (with support from the Indian and Harley MCC WA) was raised by Doug Craigie. Before making a commitment Doug is asking for expressions of interest from members who are willing to attend a rally in WA? Please send your confirmations to the secretary David de Lapp on before March 2019. It is important to know how many members are willing to attend a Jampot rally in WA, otherwise the rally may not go ahead. The secretary agreed to liase with the Indian and Harley MCC WA on the outcome of the poll.

 General Business:

It was sad news to hear of the passing of fellow enthusiasts Ian Mc Geachie, earlier on in the year. Our Condolences go out to his family and friends.

At the presentation dinner Keith Holley was asked to be custodian of the Longest ridden trophy as the trophy was now unable to support any extra names.

Gary Bastian’s company ‘Watercarts’ has generously agreed to cover the cost of supplying a new perpetual trophy. The new trophy (for the longest ridden to the Jampot) will include the list of previous trophy winners,with room for any new additions. Jason Maloney agreed to fabricate a new Jampot motif for the trophy shield and David de Lapp agreed to arrange for the engraving.

Congratulations to Donna Maloney for appearing as the pin up ‘Jampot Lass’ in the September Jampot Magazine.

Laurie Radley intimated the possibility of hosting a Jampot rally after 2021.

 Meeting closed: There being no further business the Secretary declared the meeting closed and all committee positions declared vacant.

Election of Office Bearers for 2019

Laurie Radley assumed the chair for the elections and thanked the outgoing team for their work throughout the year.


President:  Wayne Renz– Nominated by C.Renz, Seconded by D.deLapp

Elected: Wayne Renz

Vice President; Brian Kuerschner Nominated by C Renz, Seconded by J Maloney

Elected: Brian Kuerschner

Treasurer: Jacqueline Cindy Renz – Nominated by W. Renz, seconded by, D.deLapp.

Elected: Jacqueline Cindy Renz

Secretary: Dave Delapp – Nominated C.Renz, seconded by C.Dodd

Elected: David deLapp

Information Officer:  David Baker was re-endorsed in this non–executive role

Rally Co-ordinator 2019:  David de Lapp – Nominated by C.Renz, Seconded by D.Maloney

Elected: David de Lapp

Committee Member:  Chris Dodd – Nominated by D.deLapp, seconded by D. Craigie

Elected: Chris Dodd

Committee Member:  Donna maloney – Nominated by C. Renz, seconded by D.delapp.

Elected: Donna Maloney

Committee Member:  Keith.Holley – Nominated by C.Renz, seconded D. Craigie

Elected: Keith Holley

Election Closed:    8:45am Lapp (Secretary).