AGM Minutes – 2015

AJS & Matchless Owners Club Australia Inc.

2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Date:  November 8th 2015

Venue: Gold Panner caravan park

Gt Western Hwy. Kelso NSW 2795                  1of 2 pages

Meeting Commenced: 8:07am

 Chair: Chris Dodd.

Chris Dodd opened the meeting and thanked members for their attendance.


Minutes of Previous Meeting: The minutes of the 2014 AGM were accepted as presented at the meeting. Proposed by B. Kuerschner 2nd by  A. Jeffrey

Matters Arising: Income from the rally was noted.

Presidents Report:  Chris Dodd said that he was very pleased to have held the office for 2014 and was looking towards a good year ahead

Treasurers Report: Wayne Renz presented a statement showing an opening balance from 1/07/2014 of  $13,795.43. The total income for the year being  $18,453.89 with expenses totalling $6,432.70. Leaving a balance of $12,021.19.

Copies of the balance sheet were available at the meeting.

The treasurer’s report was accepted by the meeting.

Furthermore, the need for a club debit card was discussed. Proposed by D. Baker and 2nd by,  Andrew Jeffrey accepted by all.

Chris Dodd said he will enquire at the Bank and send the details to the treasurer

 Secretary’s Report: David deLapp thanked the committee for their support throughout the year.

Information Officer’s report: David Baker reported receiving only a few new enquiries, however we have received no notification of any new members since April. David commented on the need for a new website

Downunder Jampot 2015 : Chris Dodds gave a quick rundown on the rall so far and thanked all those that helped. especially Geoff Fry who organised the Mayoral welcome and Historical racing displays

 Downunder Jampot 2016: Martin Heatley proposed to run the 2016 Rally, in the area around Launceston, Tasmania. This was accepted, unanimously by the meeting. The secretary agreed to ask the UK for an updated list of Tasmanian members.

Downunder Jampot 2017: George Clarke proposed to run the 2017 Rally, in the area around Lake Hume, Victoria. This was accepted, unanimously by the meeting. George asked Chris to check if his signature is still active with the cheque account.

Downunder Jampot 2018: Wayne Renz proposed to run the 2018 Rally, in the area near Boonah, Queensland. This was accepted, unanimously by the meeting.

General Business:  Two quotes were received and discussed, for the set up and management of a new website. These are to be reviewed for action by the committee.

Partick Horton has set up a facebook site.

 Meeting closed: There being no further business the Secretary declared the meeting closed and all committee positions declared vacant.

Election of Office Bearers for 2016 

 Laurie Radley assumed the chair for the elections.

Nominees were

President: Chris Dodd – Nominated by K. Sandell, Seconded by D. deLapp, elected unanimously

Vice President; Wayne Renz – Nominated by D.deLapp, seconded by C. Dodds, elected unanimously

Secretary: Dave Delapp – Nominated D.Baker, seconded by N. Russell, elected unanimously

Treasurer: Jacqueline Cindy Renz – Nominated by D. deLapp, seconded by,  Brian Kuerschner, elected unanimously

Committee Member:  Peter Robinson – Nominated by C. Dodd, seconded by D.deLapp,, elected unanimously

Committee Member:  Laurie Radley – Nominated by P.Robinson, seconded by D.deLapp, elected unanimously

Rally Co-ordinator 2016:  M. Heatley

Information Officer:  David Baker was re-endorsed in this non–executive role

Election Closed:    9:02am