Oberon Rally Report by Jason Maloney

OBERON Rally Report


This years AJS and Matchless Owners Club of Australia inc. held their annual Down Under Jampot Rally in a small town in NSW called Oberon. This year the rally also included the Classic and Enthusiasts Motor Cycle Club of NSW inc. In attendance to our rally was around 70 riders plus partners and family with the rally hub and accommodation being in the heart of Oberon, the Jenolan Caravan Park.

Friday 1st November 2019 – By lunchtime most of the entrants and their families were well settled in and preparing for a short 6 km ride to Oberon Dam just to get some blood circulation because of course no maintenance or machine checks are required on our AJS or Matchless. Riders were then back at the caravan park awaiting the 6.00 pm opening BBQ sausage sizzle and welcoming get together.

Saturday 2nd November 2019 – 8.00 am riders gathered at the hub prepared for a beautiful scenic 150 km ride. David deLapp gave a short rider briefing and away we all went. By 9.30 am we arrived at O’Connell where we had morning tea provided and catered by the O’Connell School P&C. At this point there were some minor bike issues, one being a father and son riding team. By my observation poor bike maintenance by the father Gary Bastian, a blown head gasket, could happen to anyone. After loading ourselves up with food and coffee we then proceeded through a small town called Rockley. By now 3 coffees and heaps of cakes were catching up with me, breaking into a cold sweat I was begging for our next stop, a town called Burraga where of course we stopped to eat again. Lunch was beautiful, held in the Sports and Recreation Club was also catered.

Bikes were lined up in the car park with judging forms issued to all entrants. When all was done and dusted we then proceeded with our ride through Black Springs and onto Oberon.

At 6.30 pm a dinner and presentation was catered for at the Oberon RSL with a courtesy bus if required. A beautiful 3 course meal with some members by now looking a little like Harley heffers.

The awards for the rally were called out by David deLapp and David Baker. The 1920’s category and AJ Stevens trophy not included due to no bikes being eligible.

The award winners were as follows:

1940 AMC – GARY BASTIAN. 1948 AJS. 16

An amazing effort by DOM O’BRIEN for the longest distance travelled from Tasmania on a 1951 Matchless G80S, 1106 km. Wow, your bum must be sore. I gather you’re Irish judging by your last name, we are a superior race, no doubt.

Occasionally a very prestigious award goes out to a member, something like the Victoria Cross, this award is for outstanding efforts, bravery and putting up with committee obligations, backfiring AJS’ and Year’s of participation and patience. Outstanding service to the club – BRIAN “NIPPER” KUERSCHNER.

After the presentation the raffle lottery was called, some winners came away very pleased.

All trophies awarded during the evening were handmade by the Grenfell Men’s Shed, which makes them so much more meaningful to our Jampot Rally with a Jampot shocker being the focus and centre piece of the trophies. THANK YOU

Also, a special thanks to the Mayor of Oberon, Kathy Sajowitz, who joined us for the presentation, giving us a short speech in regards to Oberon township. I would personally like to thank her for keeping the local law enforcement at bay during our stay.

Sunday 3rd November 2019 – Sunday morning started with an 8.00 am AGM for those who wanted to attend. 16 members showed with a few slight changes to the committee. Discussions were made in regards to upcoming events. Next year, 2020, our 40th anniversary, Goulburn NSW, 2021, that little island at the bottom of Australia, Tasmania, 2022, South Australia possibly Victor Harbour, all very promising at this point. All committee members agreed with a current membership of approximately 170 members we are very comfortable and don’t require anymore. Joking, all are welcome and families are encouraged to join in the fun, it’s not all about the bikes.

This mornings ride, 82 km of beautiful countryside, at late start at 10.30 am, time for a sleep in for some. For those who preferred to extend their ride an additional 40/50 km was offered, I am really sorry I didn’t see the marshall and you didn’t all have to follow me.

12.30 pm a BBQ lunch was provided at the Oberon Railway Museum as well as a presentation for the largest pine cone. A $50.00 Bunnings voucher prize to the winner, the Tassie boys collected this and I have never seen a more dilapidated pine, must have been run over or genetically enhanced, 15 minutes in the microwave still didn’t have me a winner, it was huge. For those that chose to a visit to the Tractor Orphanage was also available.

This concluded our 2019 DOWNUNDER JAMPOT RALLY, in summary a wonderful event, magic people from all over our beautiful country. Many thanks to our many sponsors, caterers, collectors, committee members, the list goes on. Most of all thank you to our members, stay safe and well and we will be seeing you for our 40th ANNIVERSARY, GOULBURN NSW, DOWNUNDER JAMPOT RALLY 2020.

Take care, Regards ‘J’ JASON MALONEY – but most of all ‘REMAIN CALM’