2019 Presidents report



Welcome to this year’s Jampot Rally at Oberon. I  wish David and all the team a success with this year’s rally, with  enjoyable riding, good food and fellowship.

For the riders that attend last year’s Rally in Boonah. It might have been hot, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves with the rides the food and the fellowship.

Special thanks to David, Donna, Jason and Laurie who helped Cindy and I over the weekend with the running of the rally. Also, Keith Holley for his hand made mementos.

The feedback that Cindy and I received after the rally was over, everyone’s comments seem to be that they enjoyed the rides, the food and the fellowship.  I believe next year the Ariel National Rally will be held at the Outlook.

Sorry that Cindy and I can’t attend this year’s rally, we were looking forward to catching up with everyone. I am having problems with my back at the moment it is starting to improve. I don’t think that I could drive the distance and then be able ride my bike. Also, our grandson Jay has been having a few health issues so we also want to be close to home.

I feel it is time for me to stand down as President. I have held three positions on the committee over the last six years President, Vice President and Treasurer. I feel

it is time for someone else to have turn.

Cindy will also not be nominating as Treasurer as everyone is aware Cindy has been doing the treasurer’s job for the last 6 years 3 years doing the reports for me as the unofficial treasurer and 3 years as the official treasurer, Cindy feels it is time for somebody else to take over.

Enjoy the rest of the rally and hopefully we will catch up with everyone next year at the 40th rally somewhere in Australia

Wayne Renz

President AJS Matchless Owners Club Australia