2016 Rally review

JAMPOT RALLY 2016, Hadspen, Tasmania.

When did the Rally start ?

For some, the rally started a week before the event. The excitement of preparing for the rally, making sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Planning your route for before and after the rally. One pair rode all the way from Qld on two post war models. Others flew in from NZ and from the UK, on the promise of a loan bike, while others just flew in to be with the rally and take a long deserved break.

Entrants prepared their bikes and sailed across on the all night ferry. They started their journey, one , two and three days before the rally. Stopping on the way to meet up with friends or to visit bike emporiums to see what bargains may be available.

Most times, the pre-rally and post rally planning is just as involved as the actual rally planning. What to bring, what not to bring, who to see/ not to see, where to stay or not to stay. Then there is all the planning for the return journey and the opportunity to embark on an holiday or an adventure, by taking the long way home.

Isn’t it amazing how, no matter how much you plan, something always goes wrong. Keith’s ride down from Qld resulted in him falling off and cutting his knee, due to a front inner tube failure. Keith is a very lucky octogenarian and a very good rider. Laurie lost the oil filler cap from his CP gearbox and was caught eyeing up some of the other entrants machines to see if they would notice if he pinched theirs (Ha Ha). John lost an inspection plug from the side of his R10 over head cam box. No matter how much you try to waterproof your bike, at the first sign of rain, it is amazing how it gets inside your (so called) sealed instruments / weatherproofed electrics / carbys with filters and recently oiled cables ?

Now!How about the rally. After you survive the rigours of getting to the designated rally site, all your excitement and planning is psychologically transferred to the rally organisers. For the next four days you hand over your lives to them. They become your responsible person, it’s like you become the child and they are the parent. You go from being a master pre rally planner to someone who knows nothing about where you are going or what you are doing, because you don’t have to. All your trust and faith is put into the organisers. You surrender to them. They now have complete control of where you are going, when and where you are eating and sleeping.

By the end of the Rally, a good organiser will have you stuffed with so much local food and produce that you will need to go on a diet when you get home. You will have ridden your bikes on challenging twisty country roads, so much so that you had to stop and refuel in order to continue. You will have been given directions at the commencement of each run and backed up with corner marshalls so you didn’t get lost. You will have been given a rally bag with local information, maps, pens, pads, voting forms, MC place cards and a unique commemorative rally badge. You will have been taken by coach (booze bus), to the presentation dinner and given a chance to win a host of raffle prizes. You will have talked your head off about the virtues of your bike Vs the other guys bike (The supremacy between, single Vs twin and AJS Vs Matchless Vs Norton Vs every other bike). You will have been introduced to the local’s Boags beer and Mercury cider. You will have been warmly welcomed on your bikes wherever you went.

Tasmania is a motorcyclist’s heaven. We rode around the northern part of the Holiday isle for  4 days, with only one day of rain (Good for Tassie). One day we rode up and around the ‘Western Tiers’ The country roads were well sealed, sometimes challenging, twisty and undulating, but boy, what a view from the top. Previously we rode through areas with very English and Irish names like ‘Liffey river’ and ‘Exeter’, these Anglo names indicating the type of early settlers that made this area their home. When you leave a rally with that warm relaxed feeling along with having made new friends, the fond memories will last for a long time to come.

Well……..The downunder Jampot rally in Hadspen Tasmania had all of this and more. We had good organisers that took control of our daily needs, whether we had sunshine or rain, we had great rides and feasted of fresh Huon Salmon at the Friday and Saturday BBQ’s. We had meaningful debates about the best AMC twin, around a smokey fire pit. We were kept entertained with a Presentation dinner and treated to a private showing at the Launceston motor museum. What else could you ask for ?

For further information with lots of photos, visit www.ajsmatchless-australia.com.au


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